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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wake Up And Smell The Savings! The Savvy Saver Way!

Many of us coffee drinkers have gotten caught up in the craze of overpaying for coffee. Chances are if you are a coffee drinker your first stop in the morning is a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or other coffee shop.
The average cost for a large cup of coffee at one of these shops is about two dollars. And that's just for the regular plain old coffee. Some of you I'm sure are hooked on these "designer coffees" (cappocinno, lattes, espresso, etc.) which can enter the 3-5 dollar range.
Okay, so for the sake of simplicity we'll just assume you are buying just one cup of regular coffee peer day. So lets do a little math here:

1 cup of coffee per day.........................$2.00 per day
$2.oo per day x 30 (avg days in a month)........$60.00 per month
$2.00 per day x 365 (days in a year)............$730.00 per year

Wow! Seems like alot of money huh? Let's see if we can tighten our belts a bit, and maybe save a few dollars. How about if we start brewing our own coffee at home. Lets see if that will cut those numbers down a bit. For this example we will break down the cost of a cup of coffee when brewed at home with items purchased at

Folgers Classic Roast 39oz(makes 120 16oz cups)...$9.85 or 8 cents per 16oz cup
BrewRite coffee filter 700ct pack.................$2.34 or less than 1 cent each
Domino Sugar 25 lb bag(approx.2yr supply).........$10.74 or about 1 cent a day
Coffee Mate creamer 50oz (approx. 1yr supply).....$6.12 or about 2 cents per day
Total cost per 16oz cup.......................... $0.12
Cost per month...$3.60 a savings of $56.40 per month!
Cost per year...$43.80 a savings of $686.20 per year!

That's alot of money you could be saving with little effort and sacrifice. So just think what you could do with that $686 every year.


Christine said...

My grandparents got me a cappuccino maker for Christmas years ago due to my coffee habit. I'm right here with you on this topic.

Miss Building Blocks said...

OMG! I am a total money saving guru! I'm usually blogging about education for teens, but decided today to check out my fellow blogosphere sites. Also, I tend to look for things that would be an asset to my blog, in hopes of adding your url in my future posts. I'll definitely frequent your site.

Miss Building Blocks

Rose said...

It may be just because I work at home and I don't go out every day for work but I just LOVE the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and I usually have my coffee at home.

Although I will admit that there is nothing wrong with the occassional going to Starbucks

and I have yet to have a cup of cappacino!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I hope I have the time to visit it often. I saw u on that weird $800 a year food ladys website!

Westy said...

Oh no! I am reading your blog just before going to Starbucks! I too normally save, but this is my social catch up time for the week and is an indulgence. Liking your ideas though ( even tho I am in Singapore and so can't use some of them now.. )