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Friday, August 22, 2008

Alternative Uses For Household Products

1. 10 Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds. More than 50% of Americans drink coffee everyday-in fact it adds up to more than 330 million cups of coffee being consumed each day. If you are reading this article, you most likely fall within that 50%. Now that all the coffee is accounted for, what about all of those leftover grounds? They often sit until the next morning in the coffee maker, and then it's off to the trash with them! What if?.....just what if you could find something useful to do with them? Heck, it just may even save you a nice bit of money. Well your in luck, because we've got some great ideas for you. This article will cover the top 10 unusual and alternative uses for leftover coffee grounds....Read This Article

2.Wacky Uses For Jello. We all know Jello is a fun and popular dessert, and can be used in many recipes. But did you know Jello can be used to patch bare spots in your lawn, or to cure stinky feet? Yeah, I know it sounds a bit wacky, but there are lots of cool things you could do with Jello. And best yet these ideas really work!
These ideas are easy and convenient alternatives to often more expensive traditional products. So check out some of these articles and see for yourself what a treat Jello really can be!

"How To Make Jello Shots"
"How To Patch A Lawn With Jello"

3. Heal Acne With Strawberry Yogurt
This may seem a bit wild, but one of our viewers submitted this article so I put it to the test. My kid brother has suffered for years with the simptoms of severe acne, so I enlisted him to prove this remedy. I was extremely skeptical at first, but once I saw his happy face it was obvious it had worked......Read "How To Heal Acne With Strawberry Yogurt"
4. Grab Yourself A Cold One! You may enjoy drinking beer as much as I do (I'm not sure that's possible), but did you know that your beverage of choice could also be used as a key ingredient in delicious recipes? Or to rid your back yard of wasps? Check out some of these articles and see for yourself why our contributors believe this malty treat is for much more than drinking.