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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Home Phone Bill

These day's, with the soaring price of just about everything, you may be struggling to make ends meet. While you may not have the power to increase your wages, you can take some easy measures to decrease your bills. In this article I'll explain some ways you can substantially reduce your home phone bill, and save some money to help make those ends meet again!

1. Eliminate Services You Don't Need. Many companies offer bundle packages with all sorts of extras including: call waiting, voicemail, and caller Id. They tell you that these bundle packages are the "best value". If you use all of these features on a regular basis, than it may be a great deal for you. However, if you don't use them, you may as well throw some money out the window.

2. Use An Answering Machine. Okay, so you've thought it over, and think voicemail is something you really need. Wrong! Why not invest a few dollars, and go back to the old school answering machine. This could shave a few bucks off your phone bill every month, saving you money!

3. Use The Phone Book. Don't waste your money calling information for a phone number when you could easily look it up. You could even find the number in an online phone number directory such as for free.

4. Use Your Phone's Redial Function. Opting for automatic redialing and callback services can add unnecessary charges to your phone bill.

5. Use Long Distance Wisely. Long distance calls are often the most expensive part of a persons phone bill. To cut your long distance cost and save some money, try the following:

  • Call During Reduced Rate Periods. This is typically nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • Use 10-10 Numbers. Some long distance providers use these dial-around numbers, and may have lower rates than your phone company. Shop around and do some investigating. It all adds up to money kept in your pocket!

  • Choose A Family Plan. Family plans offer reduced rates to specific individuals or regions. This is ideal for anyone who makes frequent calls to the same people or places.

  • Dial 1-800 Numbers. When calling a company or business, you should always look for a 1-800 number instead of dialing direct.

  • Use Phone Cards. Prepaid phone cards offer the best rates. And usually the more minutes you buy= the more you'll save on each call. A prepaid phone card can save you as much as 90% per call when compared to your phone companies rate.